The concept

MOKSA is located in the heart of Central. We are a brand-new, upscale Slow Beauty Concept Store that include Natural Nail Bar, Detox Juice Bar, Natural Beauty Bar and Fashion Accessories, beauty care Retailing. We are focusing on Natural, Ethical and sustainable philosophy & products. The concept of the shop is to use less Plastic as possible.

Moksa Nail Salon.jpeg

MOKSA is providing high-quality, full-service in terms of Beauty, Fashion and Health. Our products and service lines fit nicely with the new consumer generation who start to be conscious about the environment. The idea is to create awareness among people consummation, change of bad habits, back to the base, save the planet, help small businesses, push the creativity. Educate people on the issues that posed by the Fashion Industry, encourage people to buy sustainable products, slow beauty vs fast Beauty, Slow fashion vs fast fashion. The middle-class are more and more demanding on this competitive market, and wants quality services & products, as well as safety, comfort & wellness. In this busy city as Hong-Kong, the "all in one concept store" shows the important practical aspects. Chill, relax, save time and get a good value for money.

The store is showcasing a well-designed interior; the decoration is very cozy and comfort. The atmosphere and ambiance is inspired by Bali and Paris. The store is enhancing the feeling of being in a cozy home, more than in a classic nail salon or fashion stores.